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• Paprika cream soup with pesto & pretzel croutons

• Potato pesto soup with parmesan
• Potato and carrot soup with fresh ginger
• Homemade Greek chicken soup with lemon and rice
• Beef broth with pancakes and meat


• Mixed salad with balsamic / yoghurt / Thousand Islands dressing

• Greek salad

• Homemade antipasti vegetables
• Tomato mozzarella with balsamic vinegar & fresh basil
• Greek Bruschetta (tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and onions)
• Spanish potato tortilla with alioli dip
• Exotic chicken salad served on iceberg in a cup
• Quiche Lorraine
• Parma ham with melon
• Caesar salad with parmesan and croutons (served in a glass or mug)



• Pork fillet tips in mustard-dill sauce/spaetzle/beans
• Pork loin in Gorgonzola sauce / potato gratin / tomatoes gratinated
• Tuscan roast pork with lots of herbs and rosemary potatoes
• Pork schnitzel in orange sauce with red peppercorns
colorful tagliatelle
• Pork loin steak with BBQ sauce / western potatoes / broccoli
• Zurich Geschnetzeltes with spaetzle
• Beef stroganoff/parsley potatoes/beetroot vegetables
• Greek meatballs with tomatoes and cheese gratin/ oregano potatoes
• Beef medallions in cassis sauce/carrot wild rice/onion beans
• Turkey slices with spring onions and fresh mushrooms
• Duck breast in raspberry honey sauce/curry rice/sesame vegetables
• Chicken breast in fruity curry sauce/rice/broccoli
• Chicken breast in spicy peach sauce/almond rice/broccoli
• Chicken breast in balsamic sauce/potato gratin/caramelized carrots
• Turkey breast in sweet mustard sauce/onion beans/western potatoes
• Mediterranean poultry skewer/vegetable ratatouille/rosemary potatoes
• Chicken leg braised in red wine with mashed potatoes and bell peppers
• Redfish fillet baked on a bed of vegetables in baking paper, served with herb rice
• Salmon fillet on creamed spinach in Pernod sauce/rice/glazed carrots
• Fish fillet baked with feta cheese, tomato ouzo sauce and spinach rice
• Cod fillet/horseradish sauce/rice/zucchini
• Green tagliatelle in salmon martini sauce
• Pasticcio (macaroni, minced meat and bechamel casserole)
• Tortellini in Gorgonzola and asparagus sauce
• Two-tone tagliatelle with a fine mushroom cream sauce
• Vegetable lasagna gratinated with mozzarella
• Original Greek “Mousaka”
• Spaghetti with vegetables, pesto and parmesan


• Fresh fruit salad

• White chocolate mousse with wild berries
• Black Forest cherry cup 
• Homemade strawberry or tangerine tiramisu
• Panna cotta in strawberry-kiwi sauce
• Mille-Feuille with marinated mandarin fillets 
• Nut nougat mousse with white chocolate sauce and marinated strawberries


• Greek Bruschetta (tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and onions)
• Spanish potato tortilla with alioli dip
• “Hawaii” chicken medallions
• Quiche Lorraine (also vegetarian)
• Exotic chicken salad on iceberg served in a small cup
• Hearty muffins (smoked ham / feta cheese olives etc.)
• Club sandwich corners
• Nuremberg sausages in puff pastry
• Salmon cream cheese pancake rolls
• Mini wraps (vegetarian or with chicken breast)
• Sweet and savory parts (rolls/croissants etc. topped with cheese, salami and delicious sausages)
• Wienerle and cheese skewers
• Cold hamburgers
• Vegetable anti-pasti
• Various puff pastry snails

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